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Episode 64 — Best of Season 2: Q2

Connections fuel creativity. The most innovative leaders are interdisciplinary — they synthesize ideas from many sources into new, coherent concepts. Game changers know that great ideas can come from anywhere, and to shift the paradigm, they have to look at things through a different lens. 

That’s why we’ve brought you conversations across the spectrum: to change your perspective and broaden what’s possible.

This quarter we’ve talked to historians, TV hosts, elite athletes, leadership experts, and the country’s leading attorneys. They’re all game changers in their own right, and each brings something different to the table. Find wisdom in their journeys, learn from their mistakes, and see what strategies have stood the test of time. 

We’ve distilled the season into just the golden moments.

In this Best of Q2 episode, we revisit the ideas and conversations that have stuck with us the most. From Stoicism to CrossFit, from the courtroom to a race around the world — these stories will give you the tools to make new connections in your business and inspire you to keep changing the game.

In this episode:

  • Brian Chase on why you should be running your law firm like an innovative business
  • Ryan Holiday on how you can embrace your inner Stoic by removing destructive emotions and accepting what you cannot control
  • Marcus Lemonis on the three key factors to any business, regardless of their size
  • Mark Beaumont on the importance of setting goals and building a plan to accomplish them
  • John Maxwell on the true definition of leadership, and how it is an active process of adding intentional value to a team
  • Mat Fraser on the wonders that will occur once you remove “what if” from your vocabulary

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Michael Mogill, Crisp, Brian Chase, Ryan Holiday, Marcus Lemonis, Mark Beaumont, John Maxwell, Mat Fraser