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Episode 47 — Jessica Mogill — A Transformational Partnership: How Opposites Attract

"When you say that Crisp was the first child — 100%! Before actually having a child, I was here seven days a week. We were here until 10 o'clock at night. There were no boundaries with that." - Jessica Mogill

  • How did a 30-day consultation at Crisp turn into a new career?
  • Why does every business need their own Jessica?
  • How did Jessica go from an industrial engineer to Head of Coaching Strategy at Crisp?
  • Why is bath time non-negotiable?

The Midas Touch

Jessica Mogill is Head of Coaching Strategy at Crisp. After helping out at the company for 30 days, Jessica tamed the madness of the fledgling business and put into place structures and processes, contributing to Crisp’s first year achieving seven figures in revenue.

Jessica's background in engineering has given her a unique set of leadership and strategic skills, which she has used to take the company to new heights year after year. Since joining in 2014, Jessica has increased the Crisp team's effectiveness through the implementation of new processes and improved synergy, resulting in a 1,500% growth rate.

Get Yourself a Jessica

Having visionary ideas and realizing visionary ideas are two completely different skill sets. If you're coming up with big ideas for your business that you want to put into action, you need an implementer, a COO, a Jessica.

We discuss what key qualities you need to possess when working with a visionary in order to turn their ideas into a reality. Jessica also tells us about her experiences in her early days with Crisp and how she put replicable procedures in place to make Michael's dreams for the business come true.

Partners in Business, Partners in Life: Lessons From the Experts

Jessica and Michael have perfected the art of working with your spouse. Throughout their years working and being together, they've struck a perfect balance and developed an understanding of each other's boundaries and habits that would be the envy of any working couple.

They share exactly how they are able to separate their work and their personal life and reveal what their non-negotiables are when it comes to family. Jessica tells us about the merits of working with your partner — but also reveals the key factors you need to consider before going into business with them.

Key takeaways:

  • Everyone has bad days, and this is still true when working with your spouse. Make sure you have each other's backs in case one of you needs picking up.
  • Align your expectations when going into business with your partner. Be sure that both parties are clear on what the commitment will involve.
  • Separate your work and home life, because no one benefits from a partner who isn't fully present in the office or with family.

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