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Episode 35 — Legal Legends LIVE 2.0

2020 is going to go down in history as a year of challenge and adversity, and the legal industry is no different. But when the going gets tough, the legal legends get their heads in the game and come out swinging.

In this special LIVE episode, we gathered together five market-dominating industry powerhouses to share first-hand accounts of how they rose to the top of highly competitive markets (and what keeps them there).

Hear blow-by-blow reports of legal marketing prowess, success tips from the masters that you can emulate for your firm, and the personal habits and mindsets that have helped them succeed as leaders.

In this episode:

  • Why John Berry says it's no good being smart if you don't have guts.
  • John Gomez explains why everyone can sniff out the fake steak sizzle.
  • Why Andrew Finkelstein doesn't care what other firms are doing.
  • If you want to win big like Glen Lerner, you've got to stop buying fancy cars.
  • Mike Morse thinks law firms owners suck at running businesses.

And the one thing they all agree on:

"There's no substitute for winning." - John Berry

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